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The transradial approach is safe and effective for coronary procedures. However, its use may be compromised in cases of variations in radial artery anatomy, spasms, and negative Allen's test. The transulnar approach emerges as a viable alternative to transradial approach. We report on a patient who underwent primary angioplasty via ulnar artery without(More)
Occurrence of ischemic complications after transulnar coronary procedures is virtually absent. The presence of a complete deep palmar arch in approximately 95% of the population as well as the great capacity of the collateral circulation of the hand might justify these findings. We report the occurrence of complications in 62 patients submitted to coronary(More)
Primary percutaneous coronary intervention is the preferred reperfusion therapy for ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction patients within 12 hours of symptom-onset. Routine stent implantation during the procedure significantly reduces the rate of target vessel revascularization, although restenosis still represents a current limitation of the(More)
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