Mônica Roberto Gadelha

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BACKGROUND Many patients with acromegaly do not achieve biochemical control despite receiving high doses of the first-generation somatostatin analogues octreotide or lanreotide. In the PAOLA trial,(More)
The majority of somatotropinomas are sporadic, although a small number occur with a familial aggregation, either as a component of an endocrine neoplasia complex that includes multiple endocrine(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the somatostatin receptor subtype (SSTR) expression profile correlates with hormonal and tumor volume responses to postsurgical octreotide long acting repeatable (OCT(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate somatostatin receptor 2A (SSTR2A) and dopamine receptor 2 (DR2) protein expression in somatotropinomas and to relate it to response to somatostatin analogues (SA). DESIGN AND(More)
Acromegaly is a disease associated with increased morbidity and reduced life expectancy. Because of its insidious character and its non-recognition, the diagnosis is often made with delay, which,(More)