Mônica Dourado Silva Barbosa

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UNLABELLED The influence of oral infections, especially periodontal disease, on systemic diseases has been extensively discussed in the literature. Because periodontal disease is a persistent infection, it promotes an inflammatory response. C-reactive protein is a marker for inflammatory reactions that is frequently studied, since elevated levels of this(More)
Halitosis or bad breath is an oral health condition characterized by unpleasant odors emanating consistently from the oral cavity. The origin of halitosis may be related both to systemic and oral conditions, but a large percentage of cases, about 85%, are generally related to an oral cause. Causes include certain foods, poor oral health care, improper(More)
BACKGROUND A new fibrin adhesive made of buffalo plasma-derived fibrinogen and a thrombin-like snake venom enzyme, has been successfully used to immobilize free gingival grafts. This case series histologically compared sutured grafts (control group) with others immobilized by using the fibrin adhesive (experimental group). CASE DESCRIPTION The grafts were(More)
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