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Studies on the morphology of the liver of teleosts reflect some controversy in the interpretation of the data, but also provide confirmation of variations in the structure of the organ in several species. Thus, we intend to understand the specific structural organization of the liver of Astyanax altiparanae. Specimens were collected in the city of Andirá,(More)
To better understand the endocrine control of reproduction in Characiformes and the reproductive dysfunctions that commonly occur in migratory fish of this order when kept in captivity, we chose Astyanax altiparanae, which has asynchronous ovarian development and multiple spawning events, as model species. From A. altiparanae pituitary total RNA, we cloned(More)
Astyanax altiparanae is a Brazilian species of substantial commercial, environmental and scientific importance; however, existing studies on its reproduction do not seem to provide enough details. In light of the increasing use of this species in fish farming and the need for basic studies for the development of new production technologies, we describe the(More)
The Sertoli cell contributes to spermatogenesis acting in the differentiation of germ cells and being the only somatic cells present in the germinal compartment. So that spermatogenesis is primarily dependent of Sertoli-Sertoli and Sertoli-germ cell interactions once Sertoli cells provide critical factors necessary for a successful differentiation of germ(More)
Recent studies seem to indicate that apoptosis and autophagy can act cooperatively in fish ovaries in order to achieve more effective ovarian regression after spawning. Considering the importance of tissue remodeling in ovarian functioning, we sought to morphologically characterize the involution processes of follicular atresia and post-ovulatory complexes(More)
Prochilodus lineatus is an important representative of the order Characiformes and a species that offers great advantages to fish farming. Therefore, detailed knowledge of its reproductive biology can be applied to various fields of production and biotechnology. In this study, we have identified testicular germ cells during spermatogenesis and have(More)
Undifferentiated type A spermatogonia are the foundation of fish spermatogenesis. This cell population includes the spermatogonial stem cell population, which is able to either self-renew or differentiate into cells that will generate the male gamete - the spermatozoa. Spermatogonia stem cells are located in a specific region of the testes known as the(More)