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BACKGROUND Cerebral vasospasm is one of the leading courses for disability in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Effective treatment of vasospasm is therefore one of the main priorities for these patients. We report about a case series of continuous intra-arterial infusion of the calcium channel antagonist nimodipine for 1-5 days on the intensive care(More)
Nitrite and nitrosamine concentrations have been measured in 108 patients undergoing gastroscopy as a part of routine gastrointestinal investigations. The nitrite and nitrosamine values of 20 patients with duodenal and 11 patients with benign gastric ulcer were within the range of the values of 26 normal subjects. The nitrite and nitrosamine concentrations(More)
Liver resections for metastases of colorectal carcinomas are generally accepted. The 5-year survival rate is higher than 30 percent. Major resections can be performed safely with normal remnant liver. The liver regenerates following extended hepatectomies or other major resections. Authors operated on a 57-year-old man for a secondary liver tumor. The(More)
The concentration of nitrite and N-nitroso compounds was examined in the fasting gastric juice of 44 patients operated on for ulcer disease an average of 2.5 years previously and in 26 age-matched patients with healthy stomachs (controls). The concentration of nitrite and N-nitroso compounds in the gastric juice of the vagotomised patients did not differ(More)
The authors analysed the results of the treatment of 24 patients with acute necrotizing pancreatitis. Besides intensive and operative treatment prophylactic antibiotics, early naso-jejunal feeding, CT guided percutaneous peripancreatic drainage are favourable to avoid septic complications and to postpone the first operation. In 11 patients percutaneous(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the latest ultrasound-array technology to a conventional "high-resolution" transducer, modified MRI technique, and nerve conduction studies (NCS), in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). In 19 normal wrists and 15 wrists with CTS, US with two different transducers was performed: a conventional linear-array(More)
Samples of fasting gastric juice (12-h fasting period) from patients with various upper gastrointestinal complaints and from healthy controls were collected by aspiration immediately before and 30, 90, and 240 min after ingestion of 200 mg nitrate in water. Nitrite concentration in the gastric juice of healthy controls remained essentially in a low(More)
Neuroimaging of a 75-year-old lady demonstrated the characteristic pathological features of the Marchiafava-Bignami disease (MBD), which develops usually in chronic alcoholics. The onset of the neurological symptoms and signs were abrupt and similar to those seen in common ischemic vascular lesions. Our patient denied that she had consumed alcoholic(More)
OBJECTIVES ischaemia of the colon is an important complication of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair. The aim of this animal study was to investigate the effect of sequential ischaemia and reperfusion on sigmoid mucosal pO2 and its association with local ET-1 release. MATERIAL AND METHODS twelve pigs underwent colonic ischaemia followed by complete(More)
Authors evaluate the indications and results of percutaneous puncture and drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts. The interventions were performed in 20 patients. The first line treatment is usually surgical. Percutaneous drainage or aspiration is suggested if the patient is symptomatic, the size of pseudocyst is between 3 and 6 cms and when it can be punctured(More)