Mónika Somogyi

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About 70% of more than half a million Implicit Association Tests completed by citizens of 34 countries revealed expected implicit stereotypes associating science with males more than with females. We discovered that nation-level implicit stereotypes predicted nation-level sex differences in 8th-grade science and mathematics achievement. Self-reported(More)
Although a greater degree of personal obesity is associated with weaker negativity toward overweight people on both explicit (i.e., self-report) and implicit (i.e., indirect behavioral) measures, overweight people still prefer thin people on average. We investigated whether the national and cultural context - particularly the national prevalence of obesity(More)
This study, based on a single case experimental design, examined logical reasoning in a schizophrenic meeting the DSM-III criteria. The quantitative assessment carried out by 32 psychiatrists on a rating scale for logical thinking disorders (nine items, six points) of the retranscribed clinical interview showed 1. that the assessments varied in a(More)
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