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Reconsidering Price's model of scientific growth: An overview
The formulation of the model is examined using the seminal sources and an integrative review using retrieved empirical studies exposes the complexity and diversity of models of scientific growth and the absence of consistent patterns. Expand
Questioning the Shanghai Ranking methodology as a tool for the evaluation of universities: an integrative review
This integrative review reports on methodological questions about the Shanghai Ranking as a tool for the evaluation of universities, questions that are extensible to other rankings. The paperExpand
Gender Bias in Higher Education
This article reviews the results of a quantitative study that provides evidence of gender biases in relation to women in the field of Spanish mathematics education. For this purpose, doctoralExpand
Time series of scientific growth in Spanish doctoral theses (1848–2009)
The main finding is that Spanish output of doctoral theses appears to fit a quasi-logistic growth model in line with Price’s predictions, especially in the historical period from 1899 to 1939. Expand
A narrative review of Greek myths as interpretative metaphors in educational research and evaluation
Abstract This paper reviews a series of Greek myths put forward as cultural narratives that could be used as metaphors or interpretative similes for explanatory and evaluative purposes in educationalExpand
The advice in education: Could the professional competitions be a positive contribution?
In the context of the European Higher Education Area, the article deals with the consulting role in the educational systems. In the first part, some of the fundamental ideas and proposals onExpand