Mónica Tentori

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Social networking sites (SNSs) provide ambient awareness of the interests and activities of friends and relatives helping them sustain and strengthen their social ties. Older adults who are not adopting SNSs might however feel like outsiders within their own families who increasingly rely on these services to socialize. Previous research has shown that(More)
According to the latest United Nations estimations, people with dementia worldwide will increase to over 100 million by 2050 [1]. This is significant not only due to the number of people affected by such disease, but also by the number of people required to care for those patients. The overall objective of our work is to study how ambient intelligent(More)
  • Francisco E Martínez-Pérez, J Angel Gonzalez-Fraga, Héctor G Pérez-González, Mónica Tentori
  • 2011
Automatic estimation of human activities is widely studied topic. However, the process becomes difficult when we want to estimate activities from a video stream, because human activities are dynamic and complex. Our contribution is focused on activity estimation based on object behavior through automatic analysis of video sequences. Another contribution is(More)
Privacy is a complex social process that will persist in one form or another as a fundamental feature of the substrate into which ubicomp is threaded. To better understand the privacy issues related to the use of ubicomp we place our efforts in understanding the contextual information relevant to privacy and how their interplay shapes the perception of(More)
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