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The specific characteristics of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) strains may be altered during passage across a species barrier. In this study we investigated the biochemical and biological characteristics of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) after transmission in both natural host species (cattle, sheep, pigs and mice) and in transgenic(More)
In estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer patients, metastatic relapse usually occurs in the lung and is responsible for the fatal outcome of the disease. Thus, a better understanding of the biology of metastasis is needed. In particular, biomarkers to identify patients that are at risk of lung metastasis could open the avenue for new therapeutic(More)
Small heat shock proteins constitute the most diverse and least conserved group within the large family of heat shock proteins, which play a crucial role in cell response to environmental insults. Chironomus riparius larvae are widely used in environmental research for testing pollutant toxicity in sediments and freshwater environments. Different genes,(More)
14-3-3σ is frequently lost in human breast cancers by genetic deletion or promoter methylation. We have now investigated the involvement of 14-3-3σ in the termination of NF-κB signal in mammary cells and its putative role in cancer relapse and metastasis. Our results show that 14-3-3σ regulates nuclear export of p65-NF-κB following chronic TNFα stimulation.(More)
BACKGROUND Trauma information systems are needed to improve decision making and to identify potential areas of intervention. OBJECTIVE To describe the first year of experience with a trauma registry in two referral centers in southwest Colombia. METHODS The study was performed in two referral centers in Cali. Patients with traumatic injuries seen(More)
Institutional core facilities: prerequisite for breakthroughs in the life sciences Core facilities play an increasingly important role in biomedical research by providing scientists access to sophisticated technology and expertise S cientific progress often goes hand in hand with technological advances and interdisciplinary research. Major breakthroughs in(More)
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