Mónica L. Martinez

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Latent Class Analysis (LCA) was used to examine the patterning of adolescents' strategy choice when discussing issues with parents in a sample of 1678 Chilean 11-19 year olds (mean age=14.9). Adolescents reported whether they fully disclosed, partially disclosed, avoided the issue, or lied for six core areas that bridged personal autonomy and safety(More)
Different studies report non-attendance to treatment of between 20 to 70% of patients after a suicide attempt. However, few studies have analyzed the characteristics of this non-attending population. To determine therefore the characteristics or profile of individuals who do not attend outpatient centres to which they are referred after a suicide attempt,(More)
Through a qualitative approach this study documents life experiences that youth with a history of sustained social and political participation judge as significant in the development of their civic commitment. Data is drawn from in-depth interviews to 6 Chilean youth (3 ages 16-19; 3 ages 20-24 years) of diverse socioeconomic condition, with a history of(More)
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We continue our investigation of nite element approximations to the system of shallow water equations, based on the generalized wave continuity equation (GWCE) formulation. In previous work, we analyzed this system assuming Dirichlet boundary conditions on both elevation and velocity. Based on physicalgrounds, it is possible to not impose(More)
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