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The key pathogenic mechanism initiating spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) is bacterial translocation (BT), a process through which enteric bacteria cross the intestinal barrier and infect the mesenteric lymph nodes, thus entering the blood circulation and ascitic fluid. The high rate of bacterial translocation in cirrhosis is due to injury to the(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether there may be a relationship between the smoking habit ant the presence of dry eye signs and symptoms in a population of hydrogel contact lens (HCL) wearers. MATERIAL AND METHODS 60 adults HCL wearers were chosen randomly. The sample was divided into three groups: nonsmokers, smokers of less than 15 cigarettes per day and(More)
PURPOSE To verify the efficacy a treatment for the rehabilitation of vision in our Unit for Clinical Low Vision in the testing of improvements in patient's efficiency for daily life activities. MATERIAL AND METHOD 80 patients were studied. Ophthalmologic and optometric evaluation followed by a customised vision rehabilitation program were performed(More)
PURPOSE We present a case of a 62 year-old woman, with a single eye functional vision (VA of 0.16) who improved her vision after following a vision rehabilitation program, which included optical and non-optical devices for daily performance. CONCLUSIONS A correct optometric evaluation and a training program are key factors to improve quality of life in(More)
BASIS The abdominal manifestations in the patient with HIV infection are increasingly frequent. We have conducted the present study in order to determine the diagnostic usefulness of the abdominal echography in the clinical assessment of the patient. MATERIALS AND METHODS We review the echographic findings of 112 patients carrying the HIV with or without(More)
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