Mónica García

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Integrating CSCL activities is something that has been widely discussed in the CSCL community but as yet only implemented in a reduced set of domain specific tools. In this paper we propose the integration of a set of default and authoring CSCL tools into a standard LMS, as a complete sequence of learning activities based on a constructivist approach. An(More)
The emergence of networked computers has originated new technologies for teaching and learning, particularly, the technology of learning management systems. We have applied Erlang to deal with the concurrent part of a distributed system to support teaching and learning tasks. We have also employed declarative programming together with some formal tools to(More)
This paper analyses how the Colombian medical elites made sense of typhoid fever before and during the inception of bacteriological ideas and practices in the second half of the nineteenth century. Assuming that the identity of typhoid fever has to be understood within the broader concerns of the medical community in question, I show how doctors first(More)
Scotta is the main by-product in the making of ricotta cheese. It is widely produced in southern Europe and particularly in Italy where it represents a serious environmental pollutant due to its high lactose content. With the aim of evaluating whether scotta bioconversion into lactic acid can be considered as an alternative to its disposal, besides(More)
We are going to describe an experience in which the Concept map is used as a flexible tool in order to construct, organise, navigate, criticise and share knowledge. We have developed it in one subject of the last year of the Pedagogy degree in which from a list of concepts handed in to the students we have created Concept maps elaborated in an individual(More)
SCEL (acrónimo del inglés Software Component Ensemble Language) [12] es un formalismo de modelado de sistemas distribuidos para el diseño, desarrollo e interacción de componentes autónomos y con un soporte teórico ahora bien establecido ([1,8]). La programación en Erlang (PE) [3,4,5] está apoyada princi-palmente por el lenguaje de programación funcional(More)
The present work is originated from the fact of low assistance of general population to the museums, particularly the school-age population as Conaculta reports. Experience shows that more interest is generated when interactive activities are offered. The present paper presents the development stages of an interactive guide using Augmented Reality for the(More)
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