Mónica Clapp

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We consider the Dirichlet problem u + λu + |u|2−2u = 0 in , u = 0 on ∂ where is a bounded smooth domain in R, N 4, and 2∗ = 2N/(N − 2) is the critical Sobolev exponent. We show that if is invariant under an orthogonal involution then, for λ > 0 sufficiently small, there is an effect of the equivariant topology of on the number of solutions which change sign(More)
T AROXYSMAL NOCTURNAL HEMOGLOBINURIA (PNH) is a relaI tively rare chronic hemolytic anemia, but its clinical and laboratory characteristics have been well covered in the recent literature. Crosby’ has published a comprehensive review of the literature on this subject, and Dacie2 has summarized much of the information available on the mechanism of hemolysis(More)