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288 reported that suspended sediment concentration discharges from construction activities into streams was as high as 355 mg L-1 (355 ppm), with high concentrations persisting 100 m (328 ft) downstream negatively impacting macroinvertebrate populations. When eroded sediment is transported from its site of origin to nearby surface waters it also carries(More)
We first carried out an 8-day balance study with 8 laying hens fed ad libitum a low Ca diet (0.30 p. 100 Ca) and a maximum of 14 g/day/hen of seashells in order to study whether totally separate Ca feeding (SCF) would increase the corrected metaboliza-ble energy (cME) value of the diet and the retention of nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. These(More)
This investigation evaluated, in broiler chickens Pectoralis and Gastrocnemius muscles, the effect of the dietary supplementation with sodium selenite (0.3 ppm) versus selenomethionine (0.3 ppm), on the fatty acids composition, lipids indices, and enzymes indexes for desaturase, elongase, and thioesterase. The selenium reduced, in both muscles, the content(More)
The effect of selenium supplementation in finishing broiler diets on meat quality was studied. A corn soya based diet was supplemented with 0.3 ppm of Se from an organic (Seleno methionine; Se-Met) or inorganic source (sodium selenite; Se-Na) and offered to Rossmale chickens from thirty five to fifty two days old. Body weight and feed consumption were(More)
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