Mónica Aguilar

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Neurofeedback (NF) training has revealed its therapeutical effects to treat a variety of neurological and psychological disorders, and has demonstrated its feasibility to improve certain cognitive aptitudes in healthy users. Although promising results of NF training exist in recent literature, the reliability of its effects remains questioned due to a lack(More)
In this paper an approach to the fraction of lost cells in the discrete-time M/D/s/s+B queue and finite buffer of size B is presented. We study a multiserver queue which can be used to model an ATM switch with output buffers, each of them shared by a set of s links. A non pre-emptive HOL priority queueing system for two classes of services is considered, in(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe raltegravir pharmacokinetics at steady-state in HIV/hepatitis C virus (HCV)-coinfected patients under antiretroviral (ARV) treatment with (n = 5) and without (n = 5) advanced liver cirrhosis (Child-Pugh C). METHODS This was a non-randomized, Phase I, parallel-assignment, open-label pharmacokinetic study in HIV/HCV-coinfected(More)
A normative database constitutes a representative sample of a neurologically and clinically healthy population. The practical utility of a normative EEG database is to evaluate the clinical status of a subject whose EEG patterns statistically diverge from average population patterns. These normative data are daily used in clinical practice and in the(More)
In this paper a procedure to approximately calculate the mean waiting time in the M/H2/s queue is presented. The approximation is heuristic although based in the intuitive symmetry between the deterministic and balanced hyperexponential-2 distributions. The three parameters which fully describe the H2 distribution are considered, so the approximation can(More)
Although several techniques have been developed for the visualization of EEG event-related desynchronization/synchronization (ERD/ERS) in both time and frequency domains, none of the quantification methods takes advantage of the time and frequency resolution at the same time. Existing techniques for the quantification of the ERD/ERS changes compute the(More)
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