Mónica Aceves

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The anti-inflammatory effects of salicylates, originally attributed to inhibition of cyclooxygenase activity, are currently known to involve additional mechanisms. In this study we investigated the possible modulation by salicylates of NFAT-mediated transcription in lymphocytic and monocytic cell lines. RNase protection assays showed that(More)
Francisella tularensis is a virulent Gram-negative intracellular pathogen. To address the signaling routes involved in the response of host cells to LPS from F. tularensis live vaccine strain (LVS), experiments were performed in transiently transfected 293 cells. Induction of kappaB-driven transcriptional activity by 2.5 mug ml(-1) F. tularensis LPS(More)
AIMS Vascular inflammation is a major atherogenic factor and Toll-like receptor (TLR) 2 ligands, including bacterial and serum lipoproteins, seem to be involved in atherogenesis. On this basis, we analysed the effect of lipoproteins and different lipid components on TLR2-dependent signalling. METHODS AND RESULTS In TLR2-transfected human embryonic kidney(More)
Regardless of the important therapeutic advances developed over the last years for the management of cancer, the fact is that many patients still suffer from a tremendous reduction on their quality of life due to lack of complete selectivity of conventionally administered chemotherapeutic drugs. In the search of more efficacious tumor-targeted therapies,(More)
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