Mònica Navarro

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Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid for human that is involved in the control of glucose homeostasis; however, the mechanisms by which the amino acid affects blood glucose levels are unknown. Using an animal model, we have studied these mechanisms. Mice were supplemented with taurine for 30 d. Blood glucose homeostasis was assessed by(More)
We consider the performance of adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) over a fading channel for the case that the transmitter has only partial channel state information (CSI). We evaluate the degradation due to the partial CSI in terms of additionally required SNR by simulations and an analytical approximation. Then, we propose an ACM scheme with fast(More)
Nine healthy male subjects and recreational users of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) participated in a study aimed to assess the usefulness of sweat testing for the detection of MDMA after a single 100-mg dose. Sweat was collected for up to 24 h with the PharmChek sweat patches from which drugs were eluted and then analyzed by immunoassay and gas(More)
This paper addresses the problem of TOA and DOA estimation in IR-UWB systems. It considers a frequency domain approach for joint high resolution estimation of Time Of Arrival (TOA) and Direction Of Arrival (DOA). The proposed scheme performs timing acquisition following a two step approach: a first stage where coarse symbol timing is achieved by means of(More)
amine (Ecstasy) in Saliva with Drugwipe and Drugread: A Controlled Study in Recreational Users, Simona Pichini, Mònica Navarro, Magı́ Farré, Jordi Ortuño, Pere Nolasc Roset, Roberta Pacifici, Piergiorgio Zuccaro, Jordi Segura, and Rafael de la Torre 1 Clinical Biochemistry Department, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, 00161 Rome, Italy; 2 Department of(More)
We present a novel decoding scheme for slotted ALOHA which is based on concepts from physical-layer network coding (PNC) and multi-user detection (MUD). In addition to recovering individual user packets from a packet collision as it is usually done with MUD, the receiver applies PNC to decode packet combinations that can be used to retrieve the original(More)
This paper addresses the problem of TOA estimation for ranging applications in IR-UWB. It considers a low complexity frequency-domain approach for the estimation of the TOA that allows sub-Nyquist sampling rate receivers. Two diversity schemes are investigated in combination with the TOA estimation algorithm and are evaluated over realistic channel models,(More)
Network coding allows to exploit spatial diversity naturally present in mobile wireless networks and can be seen as an example of cooperative communication at the link layer and above. Such promising technique needs to rely on a suitable physical layer in order to achieve its best performance. In this paper, we present an opportunistic packet scheduling(More)