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Diagnosis of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex by direct PCR of mediastinal lymphnode DNA and microbiological tests were compared in cattle suspicious of bearing tuberculous-like lesions(More)
Previous studies demonstrated that proteinases from latex of C. candamarcensis act as mitogens on fibroblast and epithelial cells and a subsequent report showed their protective, angiogenic and wound(More)
Carica candamarcensis is a species from the Caricaceae family whose immature fruit contains latex with large amounts of cysteine proteinases. In prior studies, we isolated two of these enzymes(More)
The lattices of Carica candamarcensis and Carica papaya, members of the Caricaceae family, contain isoforms of cysteine proteinases that help protect these plants against injury. In a prior study, we(More)
PURPOSE Adipose tissue is central to the regulation of energy balance. Two functionally different fat pads are present in mammals: white adipose tissue, the primary site of triglyceride storage, and(More)