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This paper presents a control algorithm for blending systems. Such systems are used in refining to produce mixtures having specified properties from several components. The underlying control problem is multi-variable, with constraints on the inputs and outputs, and involves large uncertainties. To address this complexity, a constrained optimization problem(More)
This paper presents solutions to handle ranking, equalities and bounds for the parameter estimates of a linear adaptive controller scheme used in the production of commercial fuels by blending. The control problem under consideration is a multi-variable output regulation problems with large uncertainties in the plant parameters. It can be solved using a(More)
This work focus on regression optimization problem with hierarchical interactions between variables, which is beyond the additive models in the traditional linear regression. We investigate more specifically two different fashions encountered in the literature to deal with this problem: “hierNet” and structural-sparsity regularization, and study their(More)
We consider the problem of learning graphs in a sparse multiclass support vector machines framework. For such a problem, sparse graph penalty is useful to select the significant features and interpret the results. Classical &#x2113;<sub>1</sub>-norm learns a sparse solution without considering the structure between the features. In this paper, a structural(More)
In this paper we present a robust real-time optimization method for the online linear oil blending process. The blending process consists in determining the optimal mix of components so that the final product satisfies a set of specifications. We examine different sources of uncertainty inherent to the blending process and show how to address this(More)
SAFRANP (SAFety Factors for Reactions ANd Products) is a decision making tool that helps evaluate the reaction hazards involved in the production of new pharmaceutical molecules. It was developed in the ELF Research Center at Solaize (France) in 1998 and it is now in use in the Sanofi process safety laboratory in Aramon (France). Each month, this laboratory(More)
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