Mélissa René

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  • Mélissa René, Jansen-Universiteit, Van Amsterdam, Winkwaves, Huizing-Universiteit Ard
  • 2006
This thesis deals with the question whether social software offers facilities that support learning in practice in communities of practice (cop). The objective is to formulate hypotheses that explain the relation between the two concepts. The context of this study can be characterized as social software being applied in small, existing communities where(More)
Integrating conjugative elements (ICEs) are self-transmissible, mobile elements that are widespread among bacteria. Following their excision from the chromosome, ICEs transfer by conjugation, a process initiated by a single-stranded DNA break at a specific locus called the origin of transfer (oriT). The SXT/R391 family of ICEs includes SXT(MO10), R391, and(More)
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