Mélanie Manchon

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Binding of [3H]flunitrazepam was studied in brain tissues of isolated Wistar rats and compared to group-reared animals. Modifications were observed in hippocampus and cortex (Kd increased) and in cerebellum (Bmax decreased) and when brain sections of control rats were incubated in the bath fluid that had served to incubate sections from isolated rats, a(More)
The ability to understand the similarity between two phenomena is fundamental for humans. Designated by the term analogy in psychology, this ability plays a role in the categorization of phenomena in the world and in the organisation of the linguistic system. The use of analogy in language often results in non-standard utterances, particularly in speakers(More)
Benzodiazepine-binding sites were studied on frozen sections of 5 human hippocampi, using autoradiographic and biochemical techniques. The affinity, density, distribution and heterogeneity (two types) of sites were investigated using [3H]flunitrazepam as a ligand, clonazepam or C1 218872 as displacing agents. The autoradiographic images evidence a(More)
The characteristics of benzodiazepine binding sites (distribution, number, affinity) were defined on frozen sections of suicide's hippocampus (death by hanging) labeled with 3H flunitrazepam and compared to data previously obtained on control brains. The study was carried out qualitatively by autoradiography (distribution) and quantitatively by a(More)
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