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Correlating Global Gene Regulation to Angiogenesis in the Developing Chick Extra-Embryonic Vascular System
Background Formation of blood vessels requires the concerted regulation of an unknown number of genes in a spatial-, time- and dosage-dependent manner. Determining genes, which drive vascularExpand
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Impaired angiogenesis and tumor development by inhibition of the mitotic kinesin Eg5
Kinesin motor proteins exert essential cellular functions in all eukaryotes. They control mitosis, migration and intracellular transport through interaction with microtubules. Small moleculeExpand
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Canine coronavirus induces apoptosis in cultured cells
Abstract Canine coronavirus (CCoV) is widespread in dogs in several countries and causes mild enteric illness evolving to severe enteritis in young pups. In in vitro cultures canineExpand
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Optimization of ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography - tandem mass spectrometry determination in plasma and red blood cells of four sphingolipids and their evaluation as biomarker candidates of
While important advances have been recently achieved in the optimization of lipid classes' separation, information on the specific determination of medium polarity lipids such as sphingolipids (SLs)Expand
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Inhibition of metastases by a serum factor associated to concomitant resistance induced by unrelated murine tumors.
Murine lung metatases growing undisturbed by the primary tumor were significantly inhibited by the concomitant resistance induced by a secondary subcutaneous implant of two unrelated tumors. SuchExpand
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A maternally-inherited alteration in the T cell repertoire of BALB/c mice.
A number of milk-borne exogenous mammary tumor viruses (MMTV) infect mice shortly after birth and, when expressed, produce superantigens. The expression of these superantigens mediate the progressiveExpand
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The Tetraspanin CD 151 Is Required for Met-dependent Signaling and Tumor Cell Growth
CD151, a transmembrane protein of the tetraspanin family, is implicated in the regulation of cellsubstrate adhesion and cell migration through physical and functional interactions with integrinExpand
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[Role of connective tissue in the tumor-host relationship].
In the embryo, both differentiation and temporospatial organization are regulated by the mesoderm. Some of these functions are expressed by the connective tissue during wound or organ repair andExpand
Salud sexual y reproductiva responsable enfocada en anticonceptivos orales de emergencia (A.O.E.)
The Oral Contraceptive of Emergency is a method which his suitable use is only in case some problem exists with the contraceptives of routine, a failure with the contraceptive of barrier, violation,Expand