Mélanie Badin

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These studies show that a macronutrient like dietary fat plays an important role in gene expression. In the cases presented here, dietary fat regulates gene expression leading to changes in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. The interesting outcome of these studies is the finding that the molecular targets for dietary fat action did not converge with the(More)
Triiodothyronine (T3) activates rat liver S14 gene transcription through T3 receptors (TRbeta) binding distal thyroid hormone response elements located between -2.8 and -2.5 kilobase pairs upstream from the transcription start site. Previous studies suggested that proximal promoter elements located between -220 to -80 base pairs upstream from the 5' end of(More)
Chronic diseases are diseases of long duration and slow progression. Major NCDs (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, rheumatologic diseases and mental health) represent the predominant health problem of the Century. The prevention and control of NCDs are the priority of the World Health Organization 2008 Action Plan, the(More)
OBJECTIVES First of all, understand the management of pain in the elderly population through GP experiences and, secondly, explore their implication to the benefit of well aging. METHOD Qualitative study with data collection combining 2 focus groups and 5 in depth interviews centered on the lived experience of 16 GPs in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in(More)
BACKGROUND The development of end-of-life primary care is a socio-medical and ethical challenge. However, general practitioners (GPs) face many difficulties when initiating appropriate discussion on proactive shared palliative care. Anticipating palliative care is increasingly important given the ageing population and is an aim shared by many countries. We(More)
BACKGROUND Cannabis is the most consumed illegal substance in France. General practitioners (GPs) are the health professionals who are most consulted by adolescents. Brief intervention (BI) is a promising care initiative for the consumption of cannabis, and could be a tool for GPs in caring for adolescents who consume cannabis. The aim of the CANABIC study(More)
Groupe d'étude MACVIA-LR, Jean Bousquet , Rodolphe Bourret , Thierry Camuzat , Philippe Augé , Philippe Domy , Jacques Bringer , Nicolas Best , Olivier Jonquet , Jean-Emmanuel de la Coussaye , Michel Noguès , Jean-Marie Robine , Antoine Avignon , Hubert Blain , Bernard Combe , Gérard Dray , Vincent Dufour , Mireille Fouletier , Nicolas Giraudeau , Didier(More)
Malgré le réel développement des études qualitatives et de leur publication, il persiste encore des freins solides dans la communauté médicale liés à des représentations négatives et à une méconnaissance de leurs concepts et méthodes. Nous proposons dans cet éditorial une réflexion issue de ces constats sur sa justification épistémologique en perspective de(More)
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