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Dermoid cysts of the anterior fontanel present as a tumor lesion that tenses up when the child cries or strains. Their midline position in the skull, the fact that some of these cysts contain clear fluid and the presence of an underlying bone defect, lead the clinician to the erroneous diagnosis of encephalocele, for which they are sent for consultation. We(More)
UNLABELLED 1ST DILEMMA: Many cerebral aneurysms are asymptomatic. Five per cent of adults have a cerebral aneurysm in necropsies. Only one case in ten thousand bleed. Is it reasonable to treat unruptured ones? SECOND: Symptomatic aneurysms. Surgery or embolization? ISAT report. Similar morbimortality. Depends on personal experience. Les aggresiveness with(More)
In recent literature the question of the convenience of neurosurgical treatment of cranial depressed fracture of the newborn has been a subject of discussion. The authors review their experience with 4 cases of this condition, that stress the necessity of the operation. Most reported series have dealt with the short-term results of the different ways of(More)
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