Máximo Bernabeu-Wittel

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BACKGROUND Fever of intermediate duration (FID), characterized by a febrile syndrome lasting from 7 to 28 days, is a frequent condition in clinical practice, but its epidemiological and etiologic features are not well described. Murine typhus (MT) is a worldwide illness; nevertheless, to our knowledge, no studies describing its epidemiological and clinical(More)
The objective of Integrated Care Pathways for Airway Diseases (AIRWAYS-ICPs) is to launch a collaboration to develop multi-sectoral care pathways for chronic respiratory diseases in European countries and regions. AIRWAYS-ICPs has strategic relevance to the European Union Health Strategy and will add value to existing public health knowledge by: 1)(More)
A total of 2,229 adults ticks (1,428 males and 801 females) belonging to the brown dog tick, Rhipicephalus sanguineus Latreille, 1806, collected from dogs in Seville province (Andalusia), distributed in 500 lots ranging from one to eight specimens per lot, were examined for the presence of rickettsiae by molecular techniques. Specific rickettsiae DNA were(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the prevalence of past and recent infections by West Nile virus (WNV) and the risk factors associated with WNV exposure in a representative population from southern Spain. METHODS Sample size was established for an estimated prevalence of past WNV infections of 5 +/- 2.5% in 504 subjects. A pre-stratification was performed according(More)
Rickettsia typhi and Rickettsia conorii, the etiologic agents of, respectively, murine typhus and Mediterranean spotted fever, are recognized as frequent causes of fever of intermediate duration in southern Spain; in addition, in recent years Rickettsia felis has been detected in potential vectors in this area. Nevertheless, limited data exist regarding the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of relevant drug-drug interactions (DDIs) and associated predictor factors in a sample of patients with multiple complex chronic diseases (polypathological patients) receiving multiple drug therapy. Our secondary objective was to determine the acceptance of a drug interaction reporting program with recommendations(More)
Kaposiform hemangioendothelioma (KHE) is a rare, locally aggressive vascular neoplasm that mainly occurs during childhood. It generally originates on the skin, usually affecting deeper tissue by infiltrative growth. It appears as one or multiple masses, and in most cases is associated to consumptive coagulopathy (Kasabach-Merritt syndrome), and(More)
Although Bordetella bronchiseptica can infect and colonize immunocompromised humans, its role as a primary pathogen in pneumonia and other respiratory processes affecting those patients remains controversial. A case of cavitary pneumonia caused by B. bronchiseptica in an AIDS patient is presented, and the basis of the seemingly enhanced pathogenic potential(More)
BACKGROUND There is a concern about the accuracy of the available prognostic indexes when applying them to the emergent population of polypathological patients (PP). METHODS To develop a 1-year mortality predictive index on PP, we developed a multicenter prospective cohort-study recruiting 1.632 PP after hospital discharge, outpatient clinics, or home(More)
 A prospective descriptive study was designed to determine the impact of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in the evolution of visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in HIV-1 infected patients. Thirty-two patients were treated with meglumine antimoniate or amphotericin B in lipid formulations. Patients who had undergone previous HAART at study entry (n=17)(More)