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STUDY QUESTION Are the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of semen samples of patients with testicular cancer (TC), prior to anticancer therapy, different from infertile oligozoospermic (IO) and normozoospermic (NZ) age-matched men? SUMMARY ANSWER Sperm concentration in TC patients was significantly decreased with no difference in estimated(More)
New or novel psychoactive substances (NPS) are the most recent forms of designer drugs. These materials are sold as " bath salt " mixtures or fertilizers through the internet and in head shops worldwide [1]. Of course there are no proven medical purpose of these compounds which mostly contain synthetic cathiones or pi-perazines. The form is usually powder(More)
It is an honor to have the opportunity to comment on the article by Koyuncu and colleagues evaluating the possible correlation between intravaginal ejaculato-ry latency time (IELT) and enuresis [1]. Premature ejaculation (PE) is a very common male sexual dysfunction; the prevalence is over 20% in each age group, so there is a need for identification of such(More)
Seminal vesicle cysts can cause sub- or infertility. Minimally invasive techniques have the advantage of preserving the vas deferens by the treatment of symptomatic cases. After reviewing the published articles, only a few of them presented data on fertility before and after surgery. The authors now report the successful treatment of two patients with(More)
Recent studies provided evidence that evaluation of thrombin generation identifies patients at thrombotic risk. Thrombin generation has a central role in hemorrhage control and vascular occlusion and its measurement provides new metrics of these processes providing sufficient evaluation of an individual's hemostatic competence and response to anticoagulant(More)
Late relapse of a testicular cancer is an uncommon occurrence. We report a case of late relapse of a testicular tumour combined with a renal cancer and their successful removal with retroperitoneoscopy. The 36-year-old patient underwent left orchiectomy, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection, and chemotherapy, because of mixed tumor including teratoma and(More)
  • Tamás Józsa, Andrea Telek, +7 authors Csongor Kiss
  • 2009
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of an elevated hydrostatic pressure of hydrocele on the structural integrity and steroid receptor expression pattern of the appendix testis in children. Twenty-six testicular appendages were obtained from boys (aged between 13 and 79 months, mean 40 months) who underwent surgical exploration because(More)
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