Máté Szalay-Beko

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UNLABELLED The ModuLand plug-in provides Cytoscape users an algorithm for determining extensively overlapping network modules. Moreover, it identifies several hierarchical layers of modules, where meta-nodes of the higher hierarchical layer represent modules of the lower layer. The tool assigns module cores, which predict the function of the whole module,(More)
Signaling networks in eukaryotes are made up of upstream and downstream subnetworks. The upstream subnetwork contains the intertwined network of signaling pathways, while the downstream regulatory part contains transcription factors and their binding sites on the DNA as well as microRNAs and their mRNA targets. Currently, most signaling and regulatory(More)
In the past few years, network-based tools have become increasingly important in the identification of novel molecular targets for drug development. Systems-based approaches to predict signal transduction-related drug targets have developed into an especially promising field. Here, we summarize our studies, which indicate that modular bridges and overlaps(More)
ModuLand plug-in for Cytoscape: An algorithm for the determination of extensively overlapping modules, community centrality and its use in biological networks Máté Szalay-Bekő and Robin Palotai, Balázs Szappanos, István A. Kovács, Balázs Papp and Peter Csermely Department of Medical Chemistry, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary Evolutionary Systems(More)
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