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This exploratory investigation examined the association between maximal aerobic power (VO2max) and blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) reactivity to mental challenge. Adolescent male judo athletes (n = 20) performed a 2-min mental arithmetic. Heart rate was recorded before, during, and after the arithmetic, and BP was recorded before and after the(More)
The present study examined whether prediction models based on the 2-km UKK Walk Test (UWT) are valid for predicting the maximal oxygen uptake or maximal aerobic power (VO 2max ) in moderately active Hungarian men. Eightyseven 24–62 year old, non-athletic, sedentary or moderately physically active men were studied. Maximal aerobic power was measured in a(More)
Interpretation of the actual level of aerobic endurance in a growing child is difficult. Endurance capacity per se is influenced by a number of factors, e.g. by genetic endowment, developmental rate, body composition and habitual physical activity. The respective effects of these factors cannot be distinctly separated from one another, so their particular(More)
BACKGROUND According to several reports, some cardiovascular signs of hypertension (left ventricular [LV] hypertrophy, impaired diastolic filling) can be found in the normotensive offspring of hypertensive parents. It is also well known that regular physical exercise decreases the risk of hypertension. AIM The aim of the present study is to determine(More)
In the authors' earlier study the relative aerobic power of Hungarian top-level male water polo players was found to be smaller than that of other top-level athletes, while their echocardiographic parameters proved to be the most characteristic of the athlete's heart. In the present investigation echocardiographic and spiroergometric data of female(More)
PURPOSE Water polo is a sport involving extremely intense exercise training that might be expected to result in major cardiac adaptations. The purpose of our study was to evaluate cardiac size, determine VO(2max) of top-level water polo players, and compare the findings with those of other top-level athletes. METHODS Treadmill VO(2max) and 2D guided(More)
The 20-m shuttle run (20-mSRT) is a widely used field test to estimate peak oxygen consumption (VO2peak) and thus to assess aerobic fitness of adolescents (11). The purpose of this study was to analyse differences in basic anthropometric measurements (stature, body mass, percent body fat, BMI) and in aerobic fitness of Hungarian and Ukrainian adolescent(More)
The relationship between relative aerobic power (rel.VO(2)max) as a generally accepted indicator of endurance capacity and certain characteristics of the athlete's heart, such as body-size related (relative) left ventricular (LV) diastolic wall thickness (WTd), internal diameter (LVIDd), muscle mass (MM), WTd/IDd, heart rate (HR), fractional shortening (FS)(More)
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