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Signaling networks in eukaryotes are made up of upstream and downstream subnetworks. The upstream subnetwork contains the intertwined network of signaling pathways, while the downstream regulatory part contains transcription factors and their binding sites on the DNA as well as microRNAs and their mRNA targets. Currently, most signaling and regulatory(More)
Cilia are cellular projections that perform sensory and motile functions. A key ciliary subdomain is the transition zone, which lies between basal body and axoneme. Previous work in Caenorhabditis elegans identified two ciliopathy-associated protein complexes or modules that direct assembly of transition zone Y-links. Here, we identify C. elegans CEP290 as(More)
Endocytosis participates in downregulating incoming signals, but 'signaling endosomes' may also serve as physical platforms for crosstalk between signaling pathways. Here, we briefly review the role of endosomes in signaling crosstalk and suggest that endosome-associated scaffold proteins mediate this crosstalk. In addition, using a proteome-wide in silico(More)
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