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Chromatic dispersion of a 37 cm long, solid-core photonic bandgap (PBG) fiber was studied in the wavelength range of 740-840 nm with spectral interferometry employing a Mach-Zehnder interferometer and a high resolution spectrometer. The interferometer was illuminated by a Ti:sapphire laser providing 20 fs pulses. A comparative study has been carried out to(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim was to determine the place of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasonographic (US) examination in the diagnosis and follow-up of Sjögren's syndrome (SS). METHODS Parotid MRI and US examinations were carried out on 44 primary SS patients and 52 controls of similar age. RESULTS The most important structural changes in SS were(More)
The domain movement in myosin head plays a decisive role in the energy transduction process of the muscle contraction. During hydrolysis of ATP, the specific formation of strong binding of myosin head for actin causes conformational changes. As a consequence, the light chain-binding motif generates the powerstroke. In our work maleimide spin labels were(More)
A concept called fringe compensation was first presented in phase-shifting electronic speckle-pattern interferometry. We apply a similar principle to digital holographic interferometry; here the phase of a wave front is known and can be manipulated. The basic mathematical formulation of fringe compensation and some experimental results are shown with(More)
INTRODUCTION the aim of this study was to examine and to understand the experience of voice hearing, the meaning and participants' relationship with their voices. And also to explore what 'recovery' means in this context, and the role of self-help group. METHOD six semi-structured interviews were conducted and analyzed using interpretative(More)
For diagnosing lesions of cervical intervertebral disks, pneumomyelography is carried out in addition to diskography in cases with an indication for surgery. The application of xeroradiography in pneumomyelography is discussed for the first time. In contrast to the conventional X-ray film technique, xeroradiograms yield shraper contours at the gas/tissue(More)
BACKGROUND Auditory verbal hallucinations (AVHs) played an important role in the psychiatric diagnostics, but in the last few decades the diagnostic-free complex phenomenological understanding of the phenomena of voice hearing became the focus of studies. MATERIALS Six semi-structured interviews with recovering voice hearers were conducted and analysed(More)
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