Márius Sajgalík

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Automatic acquisition of keywords for given document is still an area of active research. In this paper, we consider shift from keyword-based representation to other perspective on representation of document's focus in form of key-concepts. The advantage of using concepts over simple words is that concepts, apart from words, are unambiguous. This leads to(More)
Client-based user modelling has already been studied and clearly has its place among generic approaches to the user modelling. It is especially advantageous for lifelong user modelling as it can support the modelling in any time and any place including consideration of user privacy. Emergence of web browser extensions opens up possibilities of pure(More)
Map-based visualization of different kinds of information, which can be geo-coded to a particular location, becomes more and more popular, as it is very well accepted and understood by end-users. However, a simple map interface is not enough if we aim to provide information about objects coming from vast and dynamic information spaces such as the Web or(More)
With growing amounts of text data the descriptive metadata become more crucial in efficient processing of it. One kind of such metadata are keywords, which we can encounter e.g. in everyday browsing of webpages. Such metadata can be of benefit in various scenarios, such as web search or contentbased recommendation. We research keyword extraction problem(More)
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