Mário Roberto Maróstica Junior

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Agricultural productivity suffers a heavy loss due to plant pathogens, insect pests and various abiotic stresses. Agriculture being the world’s largest economic sector, it is the need of time to find and establish the ideal strategy for sustainable agriculture and improvement in crop growth. Endophytes are microorganisms that asymptomatically grow within(More)
Inflammatory bowel disease is a chronic relapsing disease that affects millions of people worldwide; its pathogenesis is influenced by genetic, environmental, microbiological, and immunological factors. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of short- and long-term Passiflora edulis peel intake on the antioxidant status, microbiota, and(More)
Phenolic compounds are components commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Recently, they have been subject of considerable scientific and therapeutic interest mainly due to their antioxidant properties and related health-promoting benefits, as confirmed by the numerous papers devoted to various properties of these compounds. Thus, the extractions of(More)
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