Mário Pinto

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A A A A ABSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT The main goal of this paper is to go on with the research started by Vergara and Carvalho Jr. (1995), which studied the nationality of the authors cited in brazilian organizational literature. It looks at the time gap between 1994 and 1998, shows the data concerning this period, and compares these data with(More)
  • Mario Pinto
  • 2014
The purpose of this paper is to present a framework that increases knowledge sharing and collaboration in Higher Education Institutions. The paper discusses the concept of knowledge management in higher education institutions, presenting a systematization of knowledge practices and tools to linking people (students, teachers, researchers, secretariat staff,(More)
Recent studies of mobile Web trends show a continuous explosion of mobile-friendly content. However, the increasing number and heterogeneity of mobile devices poses several challenges for Web programmers who want to automatically get the delivery context and adapt the content to mobile devices. In this process, the devices' detection phase assumes an(More)
A A A A ABSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT From all segments of the economy affected by the globalization uncertainty and by the needs for changing, one stays in the focus of the international concerns, because of its profit and strategical potentials: telecommunications. Among the subsidiaries of Telecomunicações Brasileiras S.A.-Telebrás lays(More)
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