Mário Pinto

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The complex, highly integrative endocrine system regulates all aspects of somatic maintenance and reproduction and has been widely implicated as an important determinant of longevity in short-lived traditional model organisms of aging research. Genetic or experimental manipulation of hormone profiles in mice has been proven to definitively alter longevity.(More)
O presente artigo tem como objectivo tratar a relação existente entre cultura e imagem corporal. Pretendemos saber de que forma é que os factores socioculturais influenciam a maior ou menor satisfação com a imagem física. A ênfase é dada à cultura ocidental, cujos principais " representantes " são os Estados Unidos da América e a Europa, uma vez que,(More)
A A A A ABSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT The main goal of this paper is to go on with the research started by Vergara and Carvalho Jr. (1995), which studied the nationality of the authors cited in brazilian organizational literature. It looks at the time gap between 1994 and 1998, shows the data concerning this period, and compares these data with(More)
It is frequently assumed that the brain codes number magnitudes according to an inherent left-to-right spatial organization. In support of this hypothesis it has been reported that in humans, perceiving small numbers induces automatic shifts of attention toward the left side of space whereas perceiving large numbers automatically shifts attention to the(More)
Healthy adults bisect visual horizontal lines slightly to the left of their true center. This bias has been termed "pseudoneglect" and is considered to reflect right hemisphere dominance in the orienting of spatial attention. A previous investigation reported a positive correlation between pseudoneglect and a corresponding negative bias towards numbers(More)
—The purpose of this paper is to present a framework that increases knowledge sharing and collaboration in Higher Education Institutions. The paper discusses the concept of knowledge management in higher education institutions, presenting a systematization of knowledge practices and tools to linking people (students, teachers, researchers, secretariat(More)