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  • M. Pinho, K. Yoshioka, J. Ortiz, M. Oya, M. R. B. Keighley
  • 1990
Anorectal function is known to be influenced by age but there is only scanty information about the effect of ageing on pelvic floor dynamics. Pelvic floor movements were assessed by videoproctography in two groups of ten control females (mean age of 30.5 and 60.7 years, respectively). A significantly lower pelvic floor position was found at rest in the(More)
BACKGROUND Preclinical trials are essential to test efficacious options to substitute the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disk. The contemporary absence of an ideal treatment for patients with severe TMJ disorders can be related to difficulties concerning the appropriate study design to conduct preclinical trials in the TMJ field. These difficulties can be(More)
Because of environmental and health concerns, some alternative solder alloys, named lead-free ones, are being developed. Among them, the Sn-Zn-Al system has been studied and reveals promising properties. Selection of the solder alloys, for the electronic industry applications, is conditioned by their mechanical properties due to the stress produced in(More)
This study aimed to develop a Walking Pattern Evaluation System during Hypogravity Simulation (SAMSH), which included the adaptation of a body suspension device, the instrumentation of a treadmill and the development of a virtual environment. SAMSH was developed using one subject. Kinematic analyses were performed whilst one individual was walking on the(More)
— This work discusses the time-frequency content of frames, specially of Weyl-Heisenberg frames. We begin by showing that the sum of the time-frequency contents of all the functions in a set being always positive is a sufficient condition for this set of functions to generate a frame. It is then derived that for Weyl-Heisenberg frames {E mb Tnag(t)} n,m∈Z(More)
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