Mário Mateus Sugizaki

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The aim of the present study was to determine the classification error probabilities, as lean or obese, in hypercaloric diet-induced obesity, which depends on the variable used to characterize animal obesity. In addition, the misclassification probabilities in animals submitted to normocaloric diet were also evaluated. Male Wistar rats were randomly(More)
BACKGROUND Oxidative stress plays a major role in diabetic cardiomyopathy pathogenesis. Anti-oxidant therapy has been investigated in preventing or treating several diabetic complications. However, anti-oxidant action on diabetic-induced cardiac remodeling is not completely clear. This study evaluated the effects of rutin, a flavonoid, on cardiac and(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is defined by excessive accumulation of body fat relative to lean tissue. Studies during the last few years indicate that cardiac function in obese animals may be preserved, increased or diminished. OBJECTIVE Study the energy balance of the myocardium with the hypothesis that the increase in fatty acid oxidation and reduced glucose(More)
OBJECTIVES This study investigated the antidepressant and antinociceptive effects of ethanolic extract (SLEE) and pure fruticuline A obtained from Salvia lachnostachys leaves on rats and mice. METHODS In this study, SLEE (100 mg/kg, p.o. route) was evaluated for its effects on spared nerve injury (SNI) in rats. The animals were submitted to mechanical(More)
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