Mário Guimarães

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Traditional Database Security has focused primarily on creating user accounts and managing user privileges to database objects. The wide spread use of databases over the web, heterogeneous client-server architectures, application servers, and networks creates an urgent need to widen this focus. This paper will provide an overview of the new and old database(More)
Advances in hardware has enabled mobile devices to support competing technologies such as Microsoft .NET compact edition, Java Micro Edition and AppForge Piedmont Framework which enable component based programming in mobile devices. Software components are reusable pieces of software modules that can be used very much like Lego blocks to build applications.(More)
The Kennesaw Database Courseware (http://cofffee.kennesaw.edu) consists of animations, examples, and sample tests to support database curricula. This paper will 1) inform the recent animations/examples that have been developed, 2) discuss evaluations methods used, and 3) describe the new evaluation component that is being incorporated in the software. The(More)
Finding digital forensic artifacts in the ever changing and complex digital world can be a daunting task for any digital forensic investigator. Familiar tools, such as Sandboxie and Symantec Workspace virtualization used as an aid in forensic investigations may significantly decrease the learning curve. The value of sandboxing for digital forensic(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the dimensional stability of Bambusa vulgaris, analyzing the technical viability of its use by industries of GLB (glued laminated bamboo) and furniture. The variations occurred in the dimensions of the specimens after immersion in water and dried on a stove were investigated. The assessment of quality was(More)
With the move toward mobile computing being the trend of this technology era it is clear that our way of life and how we deal with objects in it is changing. This swift shift from large desktop computers to inexpensive, low power applications that are easily carried in our pockets or placed next to a cup of coffee on the living room table clearly changed(More)