Mário Forjaz Secca

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Hypothalamic hamartomas (HHs) have been demonstrated as the cause of gelastic epilepsy, both by intracranial electrodes and functional imaging. The neocortex becomes secondarily involved, through poorly characterized propagation pathways. The detailed dynamics of seizure spread have not yet been demonstrated, owing to the limited spatial-temporal resolution(More)
Oblique magnetic resonance imaging of the temporal lobe (tilted orientation) requires a stable reference line with minimum variability. In the clinical setting, where several observers carry out examination of the patients, there is a need to assure minimum inter-observer variability, in order to obtain comparable tilted anatomical planes. This is(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) displays a high sensitivity to white matter changes, even in areas where no lesions are visible. Correlation with vascular risk factors and cognitive dysfunction seems to be feasible using this technique. We aimed to test relations between age, blood pressure and cognitive function,with lesion load and(More)
The Panayiotopoulos type of occipital lobe epilepsy has generated great interest, but the particular brain areas involved in the peculiar seizure manifestations have not been established. We studied a patient with the syndrome, using high-resolution EEG and simultaneous EEG and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Resolution of the scalp EEG was(More)
Elderly patients may present with prominent cognitive complaints and have performances in neuropsychological tests within the normal range for the age and education, and thus do not fulfill the criteria for mild cognitive impairment (MCI). There is insufficient evidence to support the clinical decision in these cases ("pre-MCI"). Forty-three subjects, 11(More)
We designed and built a non-invasive instrument, called Vertebral Metrics, to measure the x, y, and z positions of each spinous process of the spine on a standing position. In the present study, we perform a comparative evaluation of Vertebral Metrics, by comparing the results obtained from this instrument with those from a validated optoelectronic system(More)
PURPOSE Occipital lobe epilepsy (OLE) presents in childhood with different manifestations, age of onset and EEG features that form distinct syndromes. The ictal clinical symptoms are difficult to correlate with onset in particular areas in the occipital lobes, and the EEG recordings have not been able to overcome this limitation. The mapping of(More)
Automatic recognition of words from letter strings is a critical processing step in reading that is lateralized to the left-hemisphere middle fusiform gyrus in the so-called Visual Word Form Area (VWFA). Surgical lesions in this location can lead to irreversible alexia. Very early left hemispheric lesions can lead to transfer of the VWFA to the nondominant(More)