Mário Cícero Falcão

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Low-serum IGF-I levels at birth is a risk factor for the development of retinopathy of prematurity in extremely LBW infants. We tested the hypothesis that JB1 (an IGF-I analog) prevents oxygen-induced retinopathy in our rat model. Neonatal rats were exposed to 50% oxygen with brief, clustered, hypoxic (12%) episodes from birth to P14. The pups were treated(More)
PURPOSE To determine the incidence and characteristics of nonimmune hydrops fetalis in the newborn population. METHOD A retrospective study of the period between 1996 and 2000, including all newborns with a prenatal or early neonatal diagnosis of nonimmune hydrops fetalis, based on clinical history, physical examination, and laboratory evaluation. The(More)
Fluid management and dosage regimens of drugs in preterm infants should be based on the glomerular filtration rate. The current methods to determine glomerular filtration rate are invasive, time-consuming, and expensive. In contrast, creatinine clearance can be easy obtained and quickly determined. The purpose of this study was to compare plasma creatinine(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the correlation of risk factors to the occurrence of urinary tract infection in full-term newborn infants. PATIENTS AND METHODS Retrospective study (1997) including full-term infants having a positive urine culture by bag specimen. Urine collection was based on: fever, weight loss > 10% of birth weight, nonspecific symptoms (feeding(More)
We investigated dietary intake patterns (DIP) in adolescents (14-18 year-olds) and the association with demographic and socioeconomic characteristics and lifestyle variables. This school-based survey was carried out among high school students from the city of Maringá in the state of Paraná (PR), Brazil (2007). The sample included 991 students (54.5% girls)(More)
OBJECTIVE Analyze the importance of biochemical data and their relationship with anthropometric data in the longitudinal nutritional assessment of very low birth weight infants. METHODS A prospective cohort study was performed on 55 very low birth weight preterm infants (birth weight < 1.500 g and < 37 weeks of gestational age). Measurements of weight,(More)
OBJECTIVE To report a full-term newborn infant that developed a sepsis associated to meningitis caused by Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C on the 14th day of life. CASE DESCRIPTION The patient was a term female infant, born to a mother with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, with birth weight of 2,610 g, Apgar Score 1, 4 and 8, who needed mechanical(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of physical inactivity among adolescents (14-18 years) in the city of Maringá/PR and to explore its association with demographic, socioeconomic and behavioral, indicators of nutritional status variables. METHODS Cross-sectional study with a representative sample of 991 adolescents (54.5% girls) from both public and(More)
Nutrition is essential for maintenance of physiologic homeostasis and growth. Hypermetabolic states lead to a depletion of body stores, with decreased immunocompetence and increased morbidity and mortality. The purpose of this paper is to provide an update regarding the provision of appropriate nutrition for the pediatric surgical patient, emphasizing the(More)
To investigate the nutrition-related habits (NRH) of Brazilian adolescents and evaluate the associations with risk factors. Cross-sectional school-based was carried out among high school adolescents aged 14–18 years (n = 1,759) from public and private schools from two cities. The NRH were investigated by the weekly consumption of vegetables, fruit, sweet(More)