Mário André de Freitas Farias

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Documentation debt is a type of technical debt that describes problems in documentation such as missing, inadequate or incomplete artifacts. Unlike traditional methods, agile methodologies usually employ short iterative cycles and rely on tacit knowledge within a team. In particular, Agile Requirements (AR) (e.g., user stories) tend to reduce the focus on(More)
<i>Background</i>: Software repositories provide large amount of data encompassing software changes throughout its evolution. Those repositories can be effectively used to extract and analyze pertinent information and derive conclusions related to the software history or its current snapshot. <i>Objective</i>: This work aims to investigate recent studies on(More)
Context. Distributed software development is currently a modern practice in software industry. This is especially true in Open Source Software (OSS) development community. Understanding how developers' practices are on those projects may guide communities to successfully manage their projects. Goal. We mined two repositories of the Apache Httpd project in(More)
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