Mária Tóthová

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antagonistic connection. Artificial muscles have unequal filling pressures. Muscle AM1 has a maximum pressure, muscle AM2 has no pressure. Actuator arm is in maximal position. Figure 2. Experimental actuator with pneumatic artificial muscles in antagonistic connection. The used AM are Festo MAS 20–250. Abstract — The paper contains information about the(More)
—Dynamic simulation model of the actuator with two pneumatic artificial muscles in antagonistic connection was designed and built in Matlab Simulink environment. The basis for this simulation model was dynamic model of the pneumatic actuator based on advanced geometric muscle model. The main dynamics characteristics of such actuator were obtained by model(More)
—Pneumatic muscle actuator exhibits strong nonlinear behavior and it requires use advanced control algorithms based also on computational intelligence techniques as for example hybrid fuzzy adaptive control. These sophisticated control methods could be capable of handling the system's nonlinear properties. In the paper there is presented nonlinear dynamic(More)
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