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The genusSaccharomyces (Meyen) Reess
Twenty-nine different strains of several fermentation type II species of the genusSaccharomyces, whose main common characteristic was complete fermentation of raffinose, were studied. These can beExpand
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The genusCandida berkhout
Basic nutritional conditions were studied in 30 strains ofCandida albicans comprising slightly, moderately and highly pathogenic cultures. It was found that the given strains had no specialExpand
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The genusSaccharomyces (Meyen) Reess
The authors submit a taxonomic evaluation of an intermediate group of strains between the speciesSaccharomyces carlsbergensis Hansen andSaccharomyces cerevisiae Hansen. The material consisted ofExpand
The genusSaccharomyces (Meyen) reess
One hundred and forty strains of yeasts originally determined as wine yeasts were reidentified on the basis of a wide range of characters. A hypothetical average type was established on the basis ofExpand