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The in vivo antitumour activity of the natural photosensitizer hypericin was evaluated. C3H/DiSn mice inoculated with fibrosarcoma G5:1:13 cells were intraperitoneally or intratumourally injected with hypericin (5 mg/kg) and 2 hours later the mice were locally irradiated with laser light (488 nm, 150 mW/cm2, 180 J/cm2) when the tumour reached volume of(More)
The photodynamic action of hypericin (HYP) in vitro was evaluated using human leukemic HL-60 and lung carcinoma A549 cell lines. After illumination HYP (1 x 10 (-5) M) reduced the proliferation and/or survival of HL-60 and A549 cells vs. controls to almost to 0 % and 29 %, respectively. A lower concentration of HYP (1 x 10 (-6) M) decreased the(More)
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