Mária Bálint

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BACKGROUND There is increasing evidence that chaperones are also present outside the cell, exerting cytokine-like effects and influencing immune recognition. Hsp70 has been found to be present in human blood sera. Chaperonins Cpn10 and Cpn60 are present in pancreatic juice, but Hsp70 is not. These observations raise the possibility that molecular chaperones(More)
Psychosomatic problems related to orthodontic treatment are a special group of oral psychosomatic disorders. The most frequent complaints are related to aesthetics and occlusion. Most of the patients are children, adolescence or young adults, with special emotional problems. Authors reviewed the most important knowledge related to this specific field, but(More)
The frequency of occurrence of amnesia, analgesia and time distortion during hypnotic dental treatments (n = 60) was investigated on high dental anxiety patients. Hypnosis with and without standardised direct suggestions related to amnesia, analgesia and time distortion were compared. Treatment of alert patients without direct suggestions (n = 10) were also(More)