Márcio Takey Bezuti

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OBJECTIVE To assess and report clinical data from patients with syndactyly. METHODS A retrospective review of 47 patients treated between April 2002 and April 2012. RESULTS Among the 47 analyzed patients, 33 (70%) were male and 14 (30%) female. The total number of syndactylies was 116. The right hand was affected in 19 patients (40%), the left hand in(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the influence of steel plates for osteosynthesis on the velocity of ultrasound propagation (VU) through the bone. METHODS The transverse coronal and sagittal velocity of ultrasound propagation underwater were measured on the intact bone and then on assemblies of the same bone with two types of osteosynthesis plates (DCP and semi(More)
OBJECTIVE An experimental in vitro study was carried out to evaluate the influence of cortical bone thickness on ultrasound propagation velocity. METHODS Sixty bone plates were used, made from bovine femurs, with thickness ranging from 1 to 6 mm (10 of each). The ultrasound velocity measurements were performed using a device specially designed for this(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the ultrasound propagation velocity (UV) through a tibial transverse osteotomy in sheep, before and after the fixation with a DCP plate. MATERIAL AND METHODS Ten assemblies of a DCP plate with the diaphyseal segment of tibiae, in which a transverse osteotomy was made, were used. Both coronal and sagittal transverse and the axial UV(More)
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