Márcio Nogueira de Souza

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The present study analyzes parameters estimated by bioelectric impedance spectroscopy (BIS) in subjects with healthy and with osteoarthritis (OA) knees. Thirty-two male volunteers, members of the Parachute Military Infantry Brigade of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, participated in the study (62 knee joints). Clinical specialists used the Dejour scale for OA(More)
Venous occlusion plethysmography (VOP) is a valid non-invasive method to assess peripheral blood flow (BF) in humans. Our aim was to determine intra- and inter-tester reproducibility of BF analysis using a traditional manual method and a novel system, based on a semi-automatic approach. Ten healthy subjects and ten subjects with chronic heart failure (CHF)(More)
The authors collected and compared mechanomyo-graphic (MMG) signal behavior from the biceps brachii of left and right arms of right-handed men (n = 19) and women (n = 20) who performed isometric contractions at 5 contraction levels. Mean frequency (MF) and RMS values were calculated from the MMG signals that arose from lateral oscillations of muscle fibers.(More)
Somatosensory electrical stimulation (SES) has been proposed as an approach to treat patients with sensory-motor impairment such as spasticity. However, there is still no consensus regarding which would be the adequate SES parameters to treat those deficits. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of applying SES over the forearm(More)
SUMMARY Potentially rich in information, the baby's cry has motivated several researches along the years. Although most of these studies have generated important knowledge about the baby's cry, they were focused on the neonatal period. The few longitudinal studies on changes in the acoustical features of the cry over the baby's growth have been done with a(More)
The purpose of the present study was to identify the main injuries caused by military parachuting jumping techniques in Brazil. With this aim, their distribution by anatomical site and their association with aircraft type and drop zone characteristics were analysed. Data for the study were obtained by the analysis of accident reports, completed after each(More)
Experimental electrophysiological assessment of evoked responses from regenerating nerves is challenging due to the typical complex response of events dispersed over various latencies and poor signal-to-noise ratio. Our objective was to automate the detection of compound action potential events and derive their latencies and magnitudes using a simple(More)
S everal studies have suggested that vascular changes precede the development of metabolic disorders in first-degree relatives of subjects with type 2 diabetes, indicating that being a first-degree relative of a subject with type 2 diabetes is a risk per se for vascular dysfunction (1–3). However, these studies have failed to control for relevant metabolic(More)
OBJECTIVE Reduced aerobic power is independently associated with metabolic syndrome (MetS) incidence and prevalence in adults. This study investigated whether muscle deoxygenation (proxy of microvascular O2 extraction) during incremental exercise is altered in MetS and associated with reduced oxygen consumption ( V˙O2peak ). METHODS Twelve men with(More)
Enhancing the knowledge about the characteristic of the vasomotor control can help physicians to improve the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and their consequences in people's daily activities. Vessels are generally evaluated from a static point of view, where some vascular features are obtained in a given space of time, or expressed as an average of(More)