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Exergy accounting of energy and materials flows in steel production systems
A life-cycle inventory (LCI) of steel based on exergy values is presented. Exergy accounting of energy and materials flows for distinct steel production processes — conventional integrated,Expand
Social features of energy production and use in Brazil: Goals for a sustainable energy future
This paper focuses on the social features of energy production and use in Brazil and discusses the role of the energy policy goals of accessibility, affordability and acceptability in defining aExpand
CAMINHOS INVESTIGATIVOS SOBRE OS TERRITÓRIOS DA INFÂNCIA Investigative paths on territory of childhood
This work aims to understand what types of relation ships occur between the child and his territorioslugares within the school. This research is characterized as a study of ethnographic andExpand
Determinants of IPO Activity: Does IPO Activity Fluctuate in Accordance with the Business Cycle? Evidence from European Firms
The literature on corporate financing is quite extensive. However, researchers have so far not shed light on the IPO determining factors in Europe as a whole. This paper addresses three mainExpand
Shift allocation and school segregation: discussing intra-school inequalities
The paper analyzes patterns of intraand interschool segregation for the entire Rio de Janeiro, municipal school system from 2004 to 2010. The research design captures the “net effect” of “schoolingExpand
What do children know upon entry to pre-school in Rio de Janeiro?
The paper discusses the need for studies with longitudinal design and a baseline for construction of value added models to assess the impact of policies and school practices in pre-school and in theExpand
A HIDDEN QUASI-MARKET: DISPUTING PLACES IN “COMMON” PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL MARCIO DA COSTA Associate Professor to the Education School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
The article focuses on a phenomenon that is scarcely studied in the Brazilian context: the dispute for places in public schools that can not be characterized as elite or excellence centres, but thatExpand
Teachers' practices and perceptions and their relations with prestige and school environment in public schools in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro
The article presents results of a research conducted in public schools in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro. It investigated the perceptions teachers have about their pedagogic practices, in orderExpand