Márcio G. P. Garcia

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The release of [3H]GABA from slices of rat substantia nigra pars reticulata induced by increasing extracellular K+ from 6 to 15 mM in the presence of 10 microM sulpiride was inhibited by 73 +/- 3% by 1 microM SCH 23390, consistent with a large component of release dependent upon D1 receptor activation. The histamine H3 receptor-selective agonist immepip (1(More)
Hyperinflation is usually interpreted as a result of the monetary financing of serious fiscal imbalances. Here, a fiscalist alternative is explored, in which inflation explodes because of the fiscal effects of monetary policy. Higher interest rates cause the outside financial wealth of private agents to grow faster in nominal terms, which in fiscalist(More)
° In this paper we study the question of debt sustainability from a risk management perspective. The debt accumulation equation for any country involves variables that are stochastic and closely intertwined. When these aspects are taken into consideration the notion of debt sustainability is expanded to studying the stochastic properties of the debt(More)
1. Micro-electrode recordings were made from slowly adapting pulmonary stretch afferents within the nodose ganglia of cats and rabbits. Recordings sites were distributed throughout the ganglia. 2. The projections of these afferents to the medulla oblongata were studied by antidromic stimulation. 'Point' and 'Field' type depth--threshold curves were(More)
Does competition among financial intermediaries lead to excessively low standards? To examine this question, we construct a model where financial intermediaries design contracts to attract trading volume, taking into consideration that traders may default and that traders differ in credit quality. When credit quality is observable, the competitive(More)
1. The retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) was used to locate cell bodies of afferent neurones with axons in the aortic nerves within the nodose ganglia of cats and rabbits. 2. In the rabbit HRP-labelled cells were localized to the medial aspect of the ganglion in the vicinity of the entry of the superior laryngeal and aortic nerves. 3. A(More)
1. A study was made of the regulation of [(3)H]-gamma-aminobutyric acid ([(3)H]-GABA) release from slices of rat striatum by endogenous dopamine and exogenous histamine and a histamine H(3)-agonist. Depolarization-induced release of [(3)H]-GABA was Ca(2+)-dependent and was increased in the presence of the dopamine D(2) receptor family antagonist, sulpiride(More)
The Brazilian domestic debt has posed two challenges to policy-makers: it has grown very fast and its maturity is extremely short. This has prompted fears that a default or a compulsory lengthening scheme would be imposed. Here, we analyze the domestic public debt management experience in Brazil, searching for policy prescriptions for the next few years.(More)
We review the arguments in the finance and open macroeconomics literature relevant for the Central Bank to set the level of the interest rate in an open economy. The two relevant risks are the currency and country risks. The country risk (Brazil Risk) is measured with different financials instruments and the (unobservable) currency risk is estimated via the(More)