Márcio Bastos Castro

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—Currently, parallel platforms based on large scale hierarchical shared memory multiprocessors with Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) are becoming a trend in scientific High Performance Computing (HPC). Due to their memory access constraints, these platforms require a very careful data distribution. Many solutions were proposed to resolve this issue.(More)
—Thread mapping has been extensively used as a technique to efficiently exploit memory hierarchy on modern chip-multiprocessors. It places threads on cores in order to amortize memory latency and/or to reduce memory contention. However, efficient thread mapping relies upon matching application behavior with system characteristics. Particularly, Software(More)
In geophysics, the appropriate subdivision of a region into segments is extremely important. ICTM (Interval Cat-egorizer Tesselation Model) is an application that categorizes geographic regions using information extracted from satellite images. The categorization of large regions is a computational intensive problem, what justifies the proposal and(More)
The exponential growth in processor performance seems to have reached a turning point. Nowadays, energy efficiency is as important as performance and has become a critical aspect to the development of scalable systems. These strict energy constraints paved the way for the development of multi and manycore processors. Research on the performance and the(More)
High volume print jobs are getting more common due to the growing demand for personalized documents. In this context, Variable Data Printing (VDP) has become a useful tool for marketers who need to customize messages for each customer in promotion materials or marketing campaigns. VDP allows the creation of documents based on a template with variable and(More)
—Transactional Memory (TM) is a new programming paradigm that offers an alternative to traditional lock-based concurrency mechanisms. It offers a higher-level programming interface and promises to greatly simplify the development of correct concurrent applications on multicore architectures. However, simplicity often comes with an important performance(More)
Until the last decade, performance of HPC architectures has been almost exclusively quantified by their processing power. However, energy efficiency is being recently considered as important as raw performance and has become a critical aspect to the development of scalable systems. These strict energy constraints guided the development of a new class of(More)