Márcia de Oliveira Sampaio Gomes

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The effects of age on microbiota composition, gut fermentation end-product formation and peripheral lymphocyte numbers were compared between old and young adult Beagle dogs fed four kibble diets differing in yeast cell wall contents. The experiment had a double 4 × 4 Latin square design, one with four mature dogs (4 years old) and the other with four old(More)
The present study compared the intravenous glucose tolerance test (IVGTT) and the glucose postprandial response (GPPR) test for the evaluation of glucose metabolism in obese dogs. A total of ten owned obese dogs (body condition score (BCS) of 9; fat mass, 45.7 (sem 1.51) %) were used. These dogs had their weight reduced by 20 % (BCS, 8; fat mass, 33.5 (SEM(More)
The digestive tract of ferrets is anatomically simple, with no caecum, ileocolic valve or external differentiation between the transition of ileum and colon. The species has a short large intestine that provides minor contributions to the digestive process. Aiming to better understand the digestibility efficiency of ferrets, the present study compared the(More)
Many dog owners see homemade diets as a way of increasing the bond with their pets, even though they may not have the convenience of commercial diets. Modifications of ingredients, quality and proportion might change the nutritional composition of the diet, generating nutritional imbalances. The present study evaluated how dog owners use and adhere to(More)
Animal by-product meals have large variability in crude protein (CP) content and digestibility. In vivo digestibility procedures are precise but laborious, and in vitro methods could be an alternative to evaluate and classify these ingredients. The present study reports prediction equations to estimate the CP digestibility of meat and bone meal (MBM) and(More)
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