Márcia Regina Brochetto-Braga

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Trichoderma is one of the fungi genera that produce important metabolites for industry. The growth of these organisms is a consequence of the nutritional sources used as also of the physical conditions employed to cultivate them. In this work, the automated Bioscreen C system was used to evaluate the influence of different nutritional sources on the growth(More)
INTRODUCTION Literature data have shown that the consumption of dietary proteins may cause modulatory effects on the host immune system, process denominated oral tolerance by bystander suppression. It has been shown that the bystander suppression induced by dietary proteins can improve inflammatory diseases such as experimental arthritis. Here, we evaluated(More)
Along with food and drug allergic reactions, a Hymenoptera insect Sting (Apoidea, Vespidae, Formicidae) is one of the most common causes of anaphylaxis worldwide. Diagnoses of Hymenoptera venom allergy (HVA) and specific immunotherapy (SIT) have been based on the use of crude venom extracts. However, the incidence of cross-reactivity and low levels of(More)
Soluble CTLA-4 is a useful immunological marker of the effect of immunotherapy for hymenoptera allergy. From an immunologic point of view, there is no difference among the various protocol of induction. Background: Between 9.3 and 28.5% of world population are estimated to be allergic to the protein components of Hymenoptera venom and among them, the(More)
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